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Savin's ELOA

Posted on Thu Nov 29th, 2012 @ 5:41pm by Civilian (Clearance) Amanda Williams M.D.

For the duration, since Savin's player will be mainly (if not only) on her phone, and primarily unavailable for a time, all requests, questions, etc that require a member of the command team or the Seraphina website, should not be directed to Savin.

While Savin does forward these things to me, it is somewhat inconvenient for her as she is about to have her baby.

If you have questions, comments, favors, or any issues of any kind that need a member of the command team, or the use of the Seraphina website, please direct them to either myself, or Devin Myers. This ensures that things get done in a timely, and proper fashion with as little inconvenience to our mother-to-be as possible.

Thank you


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Category: Out of Character