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Sim is getting an overhaul

Posted on Sat Mar 7th, 2015 @ 11:01pm by Commodore Darok D'Tal


Just to let you know, I've fixed the sim's skin, so that the body of the skin is the same size as the header (bottom no longer takes full screen width)

In other news, some portions of the website will be undergoing some heavy changes in order to make things easier to read, understand, and to make it look cleaner.

One such area will be the manifest. Some departments will be shifted around, others will be removed. Same with positions.

If your NPC, or PC is in a position/department that is removed, that character will be moved to another department or position to match the character's responsibilities.

Some more changes/fixes to the skin will be coming, as well as possibly a brand new skin.

These changes are designed to improve the overall quality of the sim, and raise it's appeal to potential crew applicants.


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Category: Website Update