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Necessary Changes

Posted on Sat Jan 28th, 2012 @ 3:21pm by Civilian (Clearance) Amanda Williams M.D.

This is something that I really hate to do, but some events of late are unfortunately making this a necessity. You should all be familiar with the direction that the simm is going. If you do not, then you should contact me to find out.

Keep in mind we have one of the most technologically unique vessels in the fleet. We have technology you won't find on any other starfleet vessel, and there is always room for creativity, including testing of new technology from the R&D department.

I've also added a new mission which will run concurrent alongside all main missions "Tales from the Delta Quadrant" this allows for more creativity and flexibility on the simm. Main character posts are not allowed for this mission, but you can use NPCs

Promotions: none

New Departments:
Special Operations

Position changes:
Amanda Williams - Added position of R&D Facility Commander
Gant Moran - switched from CMO to Chief Special Operations
Ellen Vyre - Switched from ACMO to CMO

New Crew:
Savin - Chief Counselor

Deck listing has been fixed and updated as well, so now we have an accurate representation of things on each deck. A Special Operations area has been added to Deck 21 for the Special Operations Department.

Now for the bad...

Effective immediately some new rules will be taking effect. These will be added and publicly posted withing the next week, but more may come. These deal mainly with activity, but there are a few other items to be dealt with as well. I would like to say that these are based on conversations with the Command Team, and some members of the crew. The Seraphina aims to be a very complex and fast paced simming environment, and for us to continue to grow requires some changes. This is in no way meant to run anybody off, but we have to do this to at least have a formal process in place. As always, if you have any issues at all, or need a break for a bit due to family situations, school finals, etc PLEASE TALK TO EITHER MYSELF OR ANY OF THE COMMAND STAFF.

1: Activity on JPs. You will be expected to catch your tags within 2-5 days, otherwise your character will be ghosted for. If you have an emergency situation and need to go on LOA, I would ask that you either give permission for your character to be used for the duration, or excuse yourself from all JPs in progress. We are having serious issues with slow-downs of the missions in progress due to folks disappearing, and leaving open tags with no further replies. This cannot continue. If you do not wish to have your player written for please inform the staff and excuse yourself from any JPs that you will not be able to participate in. This will not be held against you, I promise. I would rather have you on LOA then holding up the mission.

2: Activity on the simm. The MINIMUM activity level is 2 Posts and 1 Duty or Personal log per month. The level of inactivity on this simm since it's beginning has been below these minimum requirements, and almost no one has posted logs. This cannot continue. I will not set character limits on any of these, but please do not abuse that.

If you are a Department Head and cannot meet these goals, you will be moved to a lower position. The clock begins anew starting on February 1st.

*Note this number is not set in stone and may go up or down, depending on feedback.*

3: AWOL. No longer tolerated. This will now be grounds for removal from the simm. I really hate to add this, but an issue that occurred recently left me no choice. It is unfair to all of us for someone to join, and then simply go AWOL, or for someone to go AWOL and simply stop posting or replying all together. I have received a number of complaints concerning this. If you need to go LOA then you need to let a member of the Command Team know so that we can put you on LOA.

Now then...if you disagree with me on something, please PLEASE feel free to tell me. You all should know that I am quite easy to work with. However, vanishing from the simm without informing a member of the Command Team (while still holding your position), and not answering any queries from the command staff will not be tolerated.

More will be coming, so please watch for further announcements. Once again, this is in no way intended to run anybody off. Every one of you adds so much to this simm. You are all incredibly talented writers, and fun to work with. But we have to move forward. Missions taking 6 months or more in real time to complete just cannot continue. If any of you have any questions, comments, or even suggestions on these rules, please feel free to contact me directly. I don't bite folks! :-)

Here's to a wonderful 2012 simming year!!!


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